Welcome to Ohmify. It’s great to see you here!

If you’re the kind of person who wants to build electronic circuits and create working electronic gadgets then this might be just the place for you.

If you want practical instruction that you can use straight away – as in, within minutes – then this is definitely the place for you!

Ohmify is for people with little or no electronics understanding who want to be able to confidently create electronic gadgets and tools – and who are prepared to take action to make it happen.


We think you’re going to like it here…

I’m Oyvind – I created Ohmify!

I fell in love with electronics when I was just 14.

I wanted to create circuits, to make things that actually work.

Learning from scratch was a struggle at first though. I had to gather learning resources from so many different places.

And so many of them went into way too much detail about components, circuits, concepts – using all sorts of complex words and ideas. I just wanted to make things!

But I loved creating working gadgets.

So I kept with it. I loved the feeling of designing a circuit, selecting the components, putting it together and then finding that it actually worked.

My schoolboy passion for electronics got me to Oslo University – and that turned into a Master’s Degree in Electronics.

I’m a published author now – and have been involved in some pretty heavyweight industrial electronics projects – but I have never lost sight of the fact that, at its heart, practical electronics is straightforward, uncomplicated and great fun to learn.

I still love building things and I really do love helping people find out just how much fun all this is!

So I created Ohmify for people who really just want to get on with creating electronics.

So What Exactly Is Ohmify?

Imagine being in a position where electronics holds no mystery, where you can confidently combine components, build your own circuits and create actual working projects.

Imagine too that you can talk confidently about how circuits work, you can solve all manner of electronics problems and, if you wish, you can design, plan and create your own more challenging projects.

Sounds good?

Well, members of Ohmify don’t have to imagine this because, for them, this is their reality.

How come?

Because while dry, theoretical book-learning is enjoyable for a few people what we’ve seen over and over again is that hands-on practical learning where you learn by doing is enjoyable for everyone.

Ohmify helps you learn by doing

Of course, our members want to understand electronics theory and principles too – but they want to learn them by doing electronics, not sat up all night with a pile of books, drowning in mathematics.

Your learning, your way

Ohmify is a comprehensive but fun online electronics course that lets you learn at your own pace, in your own time, with no schedule and no exams.

And should you ever get stuck – ask! There’s lots of talent and knowledge at Ohmify and we’re all here to help you move forward.

Who Chooses To Join Ohmify?

We have members from all over the planet. It’s truly an international gathering – you’d fit right in!

Typically though these are the main reasons why you would choose Ohmify:

"I've got more time now"

Perhaps you always wanted to get to grips with electronics but never really found the time. But now you’ve got more time on your hands and you’ve decided that you’re going to go for it

"I'm just really curious"

Perhaps you’re just plain curious about electronics and you want to satisfy that curiosity, remove those uncertainties and feed that hunger for understanding and knowledge

"I've got a project to build"

Maybe there’s a project of your own that you’re looking to develop or create – and a thorough grounding in practical electronics is going to help get you there

"I love technical stuff"

Or you’re in some sort of technical field already and studying electronics represent a fresh and inspiring area of learning for you

Our members are people who love to learn, who enjoy picking up practical, usable skills – and who relish the deep satisfaction of really ‘getting it’ when it comes to electronics.

They don’t sit around wondering about it – they take action and actually do it.

And Ohmify makes it super easy for them to do just that.

Why Do They Choose To Become Members Of Our Community?

So many reasons… but which ones apply to you?


I want to understand how electronics work so that the topic is no longer a mystery and so I’m confident when practising or talking about the subject


I like learning by doing things. Proper projects with clear explanations is my ideal learning style


I want to have a finished result that I made and where I understood what I was doing as I did it


Picking up practical new skills always motivates me. Learning how to program a microcontroller, how to solder, how to build a circuit or design a printed circuit board is a big reason for me to join this community


I learn best when instructions are step-by-step and start from the very beginning – I know nothing about this subject at the moment


Having Oyvind’s expertise as a backup so I can ask for advice or suggestions means I can do my own thing with confidence

What You’ll Learn:

Basic Electronics

Building circuits is what electronics is all about – master the basics and everything else falls into place

How To Build Circuits

Building circuits is what electronics is all about. Learn how to build any circuit diagram you find online


Soldering is a foundational skill – it’s fun and it’s easy. In Ohmify you’ll see exactly how to do it

Basic Components

Some components you’ll use a lot when starting out in electronics. Learn how they work and what they are used for


Learn Arduino microcontroller programming so you can add advanced functionality to your projects like internet-connection or displays


A chip, or an integrated circuit can be anything from a music player circuit to a remote control circuit. Learn how to use them in your circuits

Circuit Diagrams

Master this core skill so you can read circuit diagrams, understand how different devices work – and then design your own

How To Design a PCB

The ultimate advanced circuit-building skill… design your own printed circuit boards, create your own working projects

…and much, much more!

It’s More Than Just Teaching

Ohmify teaches – but we go beyond just teaching.

Ohmify is a community of people – people just like you.

We all have the same thing in common – a love of electronics – and all your fellow community members are learners, just like you.

And we’re all at different stages

Some of us started learning months ago. Some will be starting today.

Ohmify has grown into a family of people who try things out, share their successes, discuss any challenges, swap ideas, offer help, ask questions, get interested with each other’s projects….

Do it your way

Of course, you can choose to get involved or just quietly get on with things at your own pace in your own way. It’s completely up to you.

And I’m always there to offer advice, insight, and ideas whether you’re working with transistors or cutting-edge electronics.

Why Does Ohmify Work So Well?

Getting Ohmify so that it works this well didn’t happen overnight. But through a process of continual improvement – and great feedback from members – we can say this about our club:

It’s Complete ✔

What’s unique about Ohmify is that it brings years of technical expertise and distills it into a structured but highly practical electronics learning site.

Everything you need is here so no need to go hunting around the internet, posting in forums, watching endless videos and generally getting frustrated as you try to tie up loose ends.

Just log in and start producing results!

It’s Expert ✔

Not only are the projects designed by an electronics master (that’ll be me, Oyvind, by the way!) but I’m on hand to answer queries, offer suggestions, give advice and generally make your learning not only effective but satisfying and fun.

It’s Time Efficient ✔

Not everyone has hours at a time to learn and play with electronics. So the projects are broken into small steps meaning you can do as much as you have time for. Later, you can pick up where you left off.

It’s A Community ✔

I’m not the only one who will help you out. Our community is close-knit and very helpful. Post a query and you’ll get answers!

“Thank you, Oyvind, for creating such cool educational websites/forums/books/etc.!

Ohmify appears to be much better suited for strictly electronic makers, and specifically the FUTURE makers of the world.”

David Weissman
United States

“Ohmify cuts to the essence and is helping me jump into making things much faster. It’s the right medicine at the right time in my journey, and you can quote me.”

Mike Kimbriel
United States

“Ohmify is a very good platform to learn electronics, with lots of sample projects. I wish I could have come across this when I was in high school.”

Sandhya Mudunuru
United States

“I have to say that your site and your courses are perfect for me, almost as if you wrote them specifically for me.”

Doug Roberson
United States

What Do Members Get Out of Ohmify?

The beauty of Ohmify is that the skills you’ll learn can serve all sorts of purposes. Because Ohmify:

  • demystifies electronics making it accessible to anyone
  • gets you started from day 1 – no long-winded lectures before you finally learn something useful!
  • lets you create real, working gadgets
  • sets you up to confidently create your own electronics projects
  • gives you a satisfying, enjoyable activity for relaxation and fun
  • teaches you skills you can pass on to younger family members
  • offers you all this – and more – for just a few cents a day!

Get Access To The Ohmify Course Library

Learn Electronics 1 & 2

In these two courses you’ll learn the most important concepts you need for building electronics.

Arduino Punk Console

Build the classic Atari Punk Console. A fun circuit that creates strange sounds. Perfect for (hobby) musicians.

Build Your First Robot

Learn how transistors, sensors and motors work, and use this to build your own light-following robot.

Learn How To Solder

In this course you will learn how to use a soldering iron and other practical skills. Soldering is easy!

Get Started With Arduino

Want to build things like your own cell phone, a portable game console or a 3D printer? Check out Arduino!

Build A Power Supply

Build your own USB charger that works like a 500 mA iPhone charger and will work with most modern phones.

…and many, many more!

Our Offer To You

So here we are: you want to build electronics projects, enjoy the satisfaction of understanding how it all works and have all the fun of building working gadgets.

You’re keen to get results, eager to understand how things work and excited about being able to confidently work with components, wires, and circuit boards.

Here’s the good news:

Ohmify has helped hundreds of people like you do exactly that.

They’re learning quickly, creating their own gadgets and really enjoying the results.

You’re missing out on all this!

Come and join us – and see for yourself.


And if you sign up today we have a special bonus offer for you.

Because there’s one thing that people often wonder about when starting to learn electronics:

Where will I get the components for the various projects?

Actually, they’re not at all difficult to obtain – electrical shops everywhere sell the kinds of components you will need.

And then mail-order firms offer low prices and quick delivery. It’s very easy.

But because you’ll be eager to start – and because, as a relative beginner you won’t know what components you’ll need in the early days – I’m going to make life even simpler for you.

Sign up for our monthly membership and I’ll gather together all the components you need for the projects in the two foundational courses in our programme.

And you can have them at a heavily discounted price.

As soon as they arrive at your house you can start building!

While you’re waiting just sit back and watch the initial material – let the ideas soak in.

If you decide to go for our popular discounted yearly plan then we’ll send you the components free of charge.

Either way – this valuable bonus makes things very easy for you.

Let’s Begin!

Like you, our members began with little or no electronics knowledge.

And, like you, they wanted to do something about this.

So they did.

And now they’re creating working, useable electronic gadgets – and they’re becoming electronics gurus in the process.

You can join them!

Click the button below, choose your plan and you’re in.

And let me be the first to welcome you into the Ohmify community!


Øyvind Nydal Dahl

If you want to quickly become confident in electronics and circuit-making then our step-by-step practical approach is the only way to go. It’s all here – all of it. Begin today and you’ll be amazed at how far you progress in just a week or two. Click now and let’s get started!

Given this is something you really do want to do now is the time. Don’t put it off! You know that ‘saving it for later’ is just putting off the learning, the building and the deep satisfaction of creating your own projects… Join us now and you’ll see…!

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