Hey there!

I’m Oyvind, the creator of Ohmify.

My interest in electronic circuits started when I was around 14 years old. One day I started thinking about how you could make a light blink.

I got more and more curious until I just had to figure it out. In such a situation it was good to have a father with electronics experience.

But that single incident was the start of a life-long love affair with all things electronic.

Since then I’ve received my Master’s degree in electronics and computer science and I’ve done a lot of professional electronics development.

Some of the projects I’ve been involved with:

The RØST Coffee Roaster
The Manga Screen
The D1 See-through-wall Sensor

But there’s one thing I’ve noticed: the language used in most electronics books is hard to understand if you don’t already know electronics. I want to change that.

I’ve created several books on electronics for beginners – and I’ve written them in language that makes sense to people who are new to the subject. Take a look at Electronics For Kids and A Beginner’s Guide To Circuits.

Of course, life isn’t all about electronics! I’m born and bred in Norway but since 2013 I’ve been traveling and living all over the world: Mexico, New York, Miami, Colombia, Berlin, Sydney, Sweden, +++

And in 2017 I married the woman of my dreams. Together we travel, do workshops, go on adventures and create courses.

I’m passionate about teaching electronics in the simplest and most accessible way possible. So if you want to learn electronics in a new and fun way – you’re invited to join me on the inside:


Keep On Soldering!