At Ohmify, a good number of the lessons and projects you work on in the beginning stages involve a breadboard. Without them, building electronic circuits would be a bit messy and challenging wouldn’t they?

credit: adafruit

Some of you may already be aware that this foundational base for building circuits and prototyping was a “recent” invention of the 1970s and that it’s name came from literally building circuits on breadboards:

(credit: wikipedia)

There’s much more on the origin of our breadboard friend that you can find here . But all that is just a brief detour!

While you digest that little history appetizer, let’s move on to the main course: Breadboard Baking!

Breadboard Baking was an edible electronics project that was unveiled several years back and before I say anymore, I’ll let these fully baked circuits speak for themselves:

If you’d like to learn more about the breadboard baking project, stop by the website to learn and see more edible circuits!

Have you ever wanted to bake an astable multivibrator muffin or bite into a transistor truffle? Please don’t follow my half-baked recipe ideas but I do hope breadboard baking has encouraged you to think creatively about the many possibilities of building electronic circuits 😃

Have any “recipes” (serious or not so serious) you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you!

Have fun everyone 😃