How to Use the DSO138mini Oscilloscope

Course Overview:

A while ago, we created a course on how to use an oscilloscope where we discussed why you need one. You should check it out! In that course, however, we did all the examples using a $350 benchtop oscilloscope, which can be quite an investment.

This time, we're looking at a much cheaper alternative: the DSO138mini Oscilloscope. It is tiny, can be powered through USB, and can be bought for a 10th of the price. Even though it’s slower and only has one channel, it can be a great option for hobbyists.

The course instructor, Benjie, personally works with modular synthesizers and has found the DSO138mini to be very useful for visualizing audio signals, especially when he's not in his workshop. It is light and small enough that he can always have it with him in his backpack.

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