How to Use the Ohmify Community Forum

One of the most powerful and critical aspects of your Ohmify membership is immediate and ongoing access to a community of electronic circuit builders who are all on the same journey: having fun building electronic circuits!

This is where the Ohmify Community Forum comes in: it's the central hub for all things Ohmify.

You'll be spending a lot of time here asking questions, sharing your progress and projects, learning about what other Ohmify members are up to, as well as reading important news and updates from the Ohmify Team.

There is an abundance of knowledge and a wide variety of levels of experience here to draw upon and we want to make it as accessible as possible for you.

In the course lessons to follow, we're going to show you how you can gain the most benefit from using the key features of the community forum.

After going through this course you will know how to do the following:

  • Start a new forum topic
  • Reply to an existing forum topic
  • "@ Mention" someone in the forum
  • Quote a topic discussion (highlighting, multiquote, quote, & edit buttons)
  • Upload attachments to include in a topic discussion (audio, photo, video)
  • Share code (Arduino and others)
  • Topic Tags and why they're important
  • Use the search function to easily find information in the forum
  • Key Menu Items (Dashboard, Latest Activity, Notifications)
  • Profile and Membership Settings

Members Only Section

Hey there! To get access to this and all the other resources to learn electronics with Ohmify, you need to be a member.