Learn Electronics This Christmas:
The easy, struggle-free way to learn to build working electronic gadgets

Dear friend,

If you’re the kind of person who wants to build electronic circuits and create working electronic gadgets then this might be just the place for you.

If you want practical instruction that you can use straight away – as in, within minutes – then this is definitely the place for you!

Here’s the deal:

Ohmify is for people with little or no electronics understanding who want to be able to confidently create electronic gadgets and tools – and who are prepared to take action to make it happen.

If you sign up for the yearly plan now, you’ll get access to a bundle of books and courses that I normally charge hundreds of dollars for.

You’ll also get my new Starter’s Component Kit sent to your door for free.

If you are committed to learning electronics, then I am committed to making that happen through this bundle and my personal support.

This bundle is available for a special price until Christmas.

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Keep On Soldering!
Oyvind @ build-electronic-circuits.com

Here’s What’s Included With The Christmas Bundle:
Ohmify is an online class for people who want to be able to build electronic gadgets. If you want practical instruction that you can use straight away – as in, within minutes – then this is definitely the place for you! Full price $420/year
Getting Started With Electronics
Learn electronics in a fun and hands-on way! Getting Started With Electronics is a step-by-step guide with simple instructions to get started building electronics. Normally $15
9 Circuits
The eBook that will help you become great at building circuits. It contains 9 circuit-building challenges you’ll have to overcome. You’ll get to build things like a game, a homemade musical instrument and a cookie-jar alarm. Normally $19
Starter's Component Kit
The Starter’s Component Kit includes all the components you need to build the projects in the eBook 9 Circuits, and all the experiments in the Ohmify-courses Learn Electronics 1 & 2. Normally $29
Get Access To More Than 10+ Courses
Learn Electronics 1&2
In these two courses you’ll learn the most important concepts you need for building electronics. This makes everything else easier.
Build A Blinking Light Circuit
Learn how to build a circuit that flashes two lights. A fun circuit to build, one step beyond the most simple circuits.
Build Your First Robot
Learn how transistors, sensors and motors work, and use this to build your own light-following robot.
Learn How To Solder
In this course you will learn how to use a soldering iron to solder components onto a circuit board. Soldering is easy, and is this course you’ll see exactly how to do it.
Get Started With Arduino
Want to build things like your own cellphone, a portable game console or a 3D printer? Then you need use a microcontroller. Arduino is the easiest way to get started with microcontrollers.
Build A Power Supply
Learn how to design your own power supply, so that you can build your own charger for your mobile phone or create a power supply for your own electronic projects.
What You’ll Learn:
Basic Electronics

Learn the basics of electronics first, so that you can actually understandwhat you are doing and why.

How To Build Circuits

Building circuits is what electronics is all about. Learn how to build any circuit diagram you find online.


Learn how to solder components onto a circuit board. Soldering is easy, and in Ohmify you’ll see exactly how to do it.

Basic Components

Some components you’ll use a lot when starting out in electronics. Learn how they work and what they are used for.


Learn Arduino microcontroller programming so you can add advanced functionality to your projects like internet-connection or displays


A chip, or an integrated circuit can be anything from a music player circuit to a remote control circuit. Learn how to use them in your circuits.

Circuit Diagrams

Learn the steps you need to go through to understand circuit diagrams, so you can start understanding how different devices works.

How To Design a PCB

Learn how to design a printed circuit board (PCB) for your project. The ultimate skill to build advanced circuits

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Customer Reviews
“Thank you, Oyvind, for creating such cool educational websites/forums/books/etc.! You have really filled a niche on the internet. While AdaFruit is a cool site for the well established hobbyist and enthusiast, and makezine.com is more for general arts and crafts and such, Ohmify appears to be much better suited for strictly electronic makers, and specifically the FUTURE makers of the world.”
David Weissman
United States
“Ohmify cuts to the essence and is helping me jump into making things much faster. It’s the right medicine at the right time in my journey, and you can quote me.”
Mike Kimbriel
United States
“Ohmify is a very good platform to learn electronics, with lots of sample projects. I wish I could have come across this when I was in high school.”
Sandhya Mudunuru
United States
“I have to say that your site and your courses are perfect for me, almost as if you wrote them specifically for me.”
Doug Roberson
United States