A handmade, bionic flower that responds to touch (no watering required)

We’re going to take a look at a really fun project that was designed by Jiří Praus who is an artist and software engineer based in Czechoslovakia.

The name of the project is the Floower which is a robotic flower that blooms and lights up when you gently touch its leaf:

Jiri built their first ever-blooming Flower back in January 2019 for their wife as a one off gift for Valentine’s day. It has since become a small company based around the concept. In short, it is an artificial flower made from wood, brass & Eco-friendly plastic. When touched it can open and provide over 16 million different colors of light according to the Floower website. It can serve as a lamp or fun conversation piece or both. It has an app that it can connect to so you can adjust the settings according to your needs. Pretty neat! Here’s a little more on the build process:

If you want to learn more about the Floower, check out the website here.

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Have fun everyone 😃

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