A month of project-building

Hey Ohmify’ers,

The last month I’ve been completely absorbed in two projects:

  • Building a UWB radar distance sensor with Arduino
  • Building a coffee roaster

These projects have been really challenging, and I’ve spent so much more time than planned on them. Anyone had this happen to them?

But wow, how fun…

I’ve learned a lot of new things, both technical stuff and insights into my ways of working on a project.

If you’re interested in any of the following topics, let me know, and I might to a write-up/course/tutorial or something:

  • How to use a high-resolution mobile touch screen in your project
  • Python programming for connecting your electronics to your computer
  • Using a 5V arduino with 3.3V modules
  • How to add radar-technology to your project
  • General Python programming
  • Beaglebone programming
  • The whole process of building a project from idea to working prototype

I know that the Raspberry Pi is more wide-spread than the Beaglebone in the hobbyist-community, so I could in theory transfer these ideas over to a Raspberry Pi too.

Keep on Soldering!

PS! I’ve added some photos and a video to my project log in the community if you’re curious about the coffee roaster project.

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