A simple human task that’s insanely hard for a robot

Hello everyone, it’s time for a new weekly current! And this week I have an amazing project for you.

Stuff Made Here is definitely my favorite YouTube channel, and he published a genius project. How many of you enjoyed solving puzzles when you were little, or today with your kids, or grandkids? It is fun, mostly easy, there are some difficult ones, but all of them are solvable in some about of time, right? But, what about making a robot that can have all of this fun for you? It may seem easy because there are puzzles that are extremely easy for us to solve, but this task for a robot is extremely challenging.

This machine can solve even the most difficult puzzles, including those with 5,000 pieces. It comprises essentially a large table with a robot meant to move puzzle pieces around, as well as a vacuum system that can rotate them as needed.
Pieces are picked up with a little suction cup and moved to the correct locations by belts powered by small motors on each side of the table. A tiny camera on the robot assists it in identifying components and determining where to best use its suction cup that is farthest from all corners. To compensate for the distortion, a telecentric lens was required to assist the robot in viewing the components as if they were infinitely far away.

Make sure to carefully watch the whole video, to see all of the problems that he had and the ways he solved them, it’s just amazing and it lefts you speechless. Enjoy!

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