Arduino Alternatives

Have you tried or considered using Arduino alternatives? 

Here’s a selection of some of the best. 

1. Teensy 3.6
The Teensy is a breadboard-friendly development board that packs a lot of punch into a small box. Each Teensy 3.6 is pre-flashed with a bootloader, allowing you to program it via the onboard USB connection without the need for an external programmer. You can program for the Teensy using C in your favorite text editor, or you can use the Teensyduino add-on for the Arduino IDE to write Arduino sketches!

  • Specs: 180-MHz Cortex M4F, 256 kB RAM, 1 MB flash storage, 4 kB EEPROM
  • Features: Teensyduino for Arduino IDE, SD card reader
  • Price: ~$30
Teensy 3.6

2. MSP430

A microcontroller portfolio that includes a variety of sixteen-bit microcontrollers in various configurations. For sensing and measuring applications, these microcontrollers are integrated with ultra-low power and digital and analog peripherals devices.
This module has five low-power modes that help extend the battery life of portable measurement devices.
The MSP430 contains 16-bit registers, a 16-bit RISC CPU, and constant generators, allowing for optimum code efficiency.

  • Specs: 24-MHz MSP430, 32 kB Program FRAM, 4 kB RAM
  • Features: Energy Trace Technology for low power, Energia (Arduino-like IDE), two onboard buttons and LEDs, Booster Pack compatible
  • Price: ~$20

3. NodeMCU Amica 

A development board based on the ESP8266 WiFi Module. It contains a Micro USB port that can connect to a computer or other USB host devices directly.
It features a voltage regulator and allows a quick computer or USB connection, making it perfect for Wi-Fi-enabled IoT projects. The Amica NodeMCU is an excellent choice for LUA or Arduino IDE programming, and consumers praise it for its dependability and quality, especially given its low price. There are a lot of projects using an Amica NodeMCU as the microcontroller that you can discover online.

  • Specs: 80 MHz, 64 kB SRAM, 4 MB flash storage
  • Features: External QSPI flash, compatible with Arduino IDE, Wi-Fi
  • Price: ~$8
NodeMCU Amica 

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