The Steady-Hand Game

One time in Mexico, I won a free drink from this game. It’s a really fun game where you have to move a ring through a course of steel wire, without touching the ring to the wire.

If you get the ring all the way to the other side, you win. If the ring touches the wire, the buzzer sounds, and you lose.

The Circuit Diagram

Find the components used in the table below. Click here to buy the complete kit.

Part Description
Buzzer Buzzer that works with 9V
Steel Wire Bare and stiff wire, for example from a clothes hanger
Metal Ring Bare metal ring, like a soda can ring
An old pen For mounting the metal ring
Tape Electrical tape is best, but any tape should work

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Comments on The Steady-Hand Game

  1. Moona siddiqui says:

    Kindly giude me that which logic gate is apply on the wire buzz game and how

  2. Oyvind says:

    Hi Moona, there are no logic gates used for this circuit. The buzzer looks a bit like one in the circuit diagram, but it’s a buzzer.

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