Make Your First Printed Circuit Board

Course Overview:

If you want to build circuits that have a lot of components and connections. Or a board you are going to make many of (and maybe sell?). Or you just want a solid circuit that you know will last for years - then you want to create a custom Printed Circuit Board (PCB).

A PCB is a board with holes and pads to solder components onto.

Instead of using wires to connect the components, a PCB has paths of metal on the board that connects the components.

That means you only need to solder your components in the right spots on the board, and your circuit is finished.

Once you learn this skill, you can make much more advanced circuits than would ever be possible with standard prototyping boards. And it's a lot of fun!

The Software

KiCad is a computer software for designing printed circuit boards (PCB). It's free and open source, and it’s even used by scientists over at CERN. You can download it from KiCad's official page.

Throughout this course, you'll go through all the steps you need in order to design, order, and solder your own PCB - all using KiCad.

I'll design the Blinking LED circuit from the course How To Make a Light Blink as an example circuit. You can create the same or one of your own choice.

Just by going through this process once, you'll have a very useful skill for later!

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