Every Shower needs this Upgrade!

I already mentioned that my favorite YouTube channel is StuffMadeHere, but this channel is fighting a big battle with GreatScott! for the first place. Which electronics YouTube channel is your favorite? 
A few days ago GreatScott published an amazing video, so let’s dive into it. 
Since you enjoy electronics and making projects, then electronics projects which save money and the planet sound really good right? 
In this project, he made a gadget that tracks how much water is consumed in the shower and the cost of it. The data is published online and tracked using the app. 

How do measure how much water is spent? Using Water Flow Sensor. It works in a way that is spinning a small wheel on the inside when water is flowing through it. The more water flows, the faster the wheel is spinning. In the video, he shows the way how he tested the sensor and how he calculated the water flow since the electric output is the number of pulses. He did the experiment to check how many pulses are equal to one liter of water flow, so make sure to check that. 

The next, maybe the most important question is how to power the electronics in the shower. He of course set up a battery solution since that was the best option. 
After setting up the electronics part he designed the waterproof case for it, secure it, and test it. It works perfectly. 

This is an amazing and very useful project, what do you think of it?

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