Home Assistant

Home Assistant Yellow is a smart home hub powered by a Raspberry Pi with a built-in Zigbee and a slew of other features that make managing your smart devices a breeze. What is the most beneficial aspect of this assistant? You have complete control over everything. You can ensure that you are not overly vulnerable and susceptible to being hacked, having your lights turn on/off, and being terrified “Am I living in a hunted house?” Because everything is managed locally by Home Assistant. It may take a bit longer to get everything up than other home assistants, but it will certainly be more advantageous in the end.

Home Assistant Yellow

Amber was the initial name for the Yellow. Home Assistant is the most widely used home automation software, allowing you to control a wide range of smart devices.

One of the coolest features is the ability to update your Raspberry Pi’s internal memory or add WIFI and Bluetooth.

There is no vendor lock-in with Home Assistant Yellow. The solution is built as an open platform that gives you complete control over your data. You can export the raw data to a time series database or use it with another automation engine.

Home Assistant Yellow Board

But what is even cooler? You can make your own Home Assistant using Raspberry Pi.

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