How to solder a tiny chip

This week I am working on the electronics for a coffee roasting machine.

(It’s a beautiful machine BTW:

One of the challenges this week was to solder a tiny chip of about 2-3 mm in size.

Here’s a photo of the chip on the tip of my finger:

Back in the days when I did not have much experience, I dreaded these type of tasks. Because I didn’t really think I could do it.

But it’s not that hard to solder a chip like this.

To solder it, I used:

  • A soldering iron with a very thin tip
  • A desoldering wick
  • Tweezers to hold the chip in place

But it would have been even easier if I would also have had:

  • A roll of very thin solder
  • Magnifier glass

The “secret” is that you don’t have to solder it perfectly the first time.

Because you can use the desoldering wick to remove solder if you add too much. Or if the chip ends up misplaced.

Do you have any questions about soldering?

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Keep On Soldering!
Oyvind @ Ohmify

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