“LOOK WHAT I MADE”: The Scrolling Bubble Display

What do you get when you combine 12 solenoid valves, water, roofing materials and an Arduino?

Before seeing this project, If I were asked the above question I would probably still be scratching my head or say “a great big mess on the floor” ! 😃

Well, quite the contrary! The folks over at Jelly and Marshmallows have taken those ingredients and made a scrolling bubble display. Why? Because why not, eh? This project is very much a prototype and proof of concept but it does bring some seemingly disparate materials together into a really cool display.

Here’s what the creators (Simon Jelley & Mark Mellors) have to say about how the scrolling bubble display works:

12 solenoid valves selectively inject compressed air into channels of twin-wall (polycarbonate roofing sheet) filled with water. An arduino accepts strings of ascii characters over serial, and using the solenoid valves, writes the text in bubbles.


Let’s take a look at the results in real-time and then in slow-motion:

Were you able to read the bubble display? HINT: its in the title of this post!

Are you ready to install a scrolling bubble display in your submarine yet 😃 ?

What do you think about this creative use of materials? Do you have any questions about how this works? Please let us know in the comments below.

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Have fun everyone 😃 !

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