Make a Drone

A drone is a flying robot that may be controlled remotely or flow independently via software-controlled flight plans.

Have you had a chance to use it, or do you use it frequently?

The main quad parts are represented in the image below.

The main quad parts

So, where am I leading you? What about making a DIY drone?

Here is the video of a guy who made a drone for under $15. He builds it within a span of 24 hours and within the given price.

This video is a really cool one. If you one to make it you will need the following components:

1. Pop Sticks
2. DC Motor
3. 2x Left-Hand Propeller
4. 2x Right-Hand Propeller
5. Hot Glue Gun
6. Wire
9. Soldering Iron
10. Laptop Charger

And on the next one you can find an advanced version, it’s super awesome, and all of the components are listed in the video description.

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