Remodeled Guitar Amplifier ​

David Silverman restored an old Vox amplifier using a Raspberry Pi, Python, PYO audio processing, and a class D amplifier.
The cabinet, which was previously dysfunctional, is now powered by a Pi 3B+ and a class D amplifier controlled by Python scripts, allowing certain bespoke effects to be turned on in the amp.

As seen in the video, the Vox cabinet now features a top panel with potentiometers for effects like distortion, wah, and reverb, as well as LEDs for each of them.
In addition, the amplifier has a back panel that provides access to two USB connections, an Ethernet port, and an HDMI output.
So far, what are your thoughts?
All of the codes he used are available, and you can watch the entire video and hear how it sounds here:

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