ReVolt: The Ultimate Battery Replacement System?

Battery powered devices and electronics have been with us for quite a LONG time. Did you know that the D cell battery was first introduced in 1898? Wow! 1898 – that’s over 120 years ago. It certainly seems that battery power is not going away anytime soon.

While there have been improvements on the life of batteries and less harmful alternatives, the fact remains that single use batteries are no good for the environment. According to the EPA: “millions of single use and rechargeable batteries are bought, used and recycled or disposed of in the trash.“

What if there were a way to reduce that number? Well, it turns out that an Irish company named MyVolts has been working on a solution since 2017. Just recently, MyVolts has unveiled what looks to be a really solid battery replacement system called ReVolt. Let’s take a quick look at the ReVolt system:

ReVolt consists of the following components: a 3D printed “dummy” battery housing with a flat, ribbon cable terminating with a DC plug that can fit between most battery covers to then connect to USB power. There are multiple housings to change battery size, with current sizes being AAA, AA, C and D. There’s even an adhesive backing on DC connection to attach to your device with the ability to daisy chain devices with the same power voltage. Once installed, these USB powered batteries can be left in with no worries of battery leakage.

Here’s a quick breakdown from the ReVolt Kickstarter page which makes a great case for why this system might just replace your current standard, single use battery supply:

(image source)

Pretty interesting design huh? MyVolts seems to have put a ton of time and research into this design while creating a watermark for a cleaner battery alternative for thousands of battery-bound electronic devices. For a more in-depth look at the ReVolt system, be sure to check out the Kickstarter page.

In the meantime, here’s another look at the system where the founder of MyVolts walks us through the ReVolt system, powering everything from synthesizers to a drum playing bunny:

What do you think about the ReVolt battery replacement system? Would you consider this a suitable replacement or alternative to the standard, single use battery?

We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Have fun everyone 😃

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