Smart Water Bottle

Which category do you belong to the hydrated people or the ones who have a bunch of applications on their phones that remind them to drink water and keep hydrated? However, after a few days, you’re just bypassing the alerts, unfortunately, I am part of that group. However, what if, instead of dull applications, you had a smart bottle that allowed you to track your drinking and assist you in meeting your daily hydration goal? That sounds like an option for me.

At the top of the water’s surface, there is a Time of Flight ToF distance sensor with a gyro to ensure it is not moving. 
The microcontroller is an Espressif ESP32, which communicates with a smartphone through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) in order to monitor and compare water use to a programmable target.
The owner has not yet made source code or design files available — but they may do so once prototyping is complete.
This is how the amount of water intake is presented.

Would you purchase something like this? Or you are more willing to make something similar to this on your own? Then I have something for you as well: An Arduino-powered DIY water bottle!

This Arduino-powered DIY water bottle is capable of the following:
To keep track of my water intake, I used Arduino to make my water bottle smart.
It can:
1. Keep track of daily water use
2. Keep track of weekly average water consumption
3. Remind to drink water
4. Maintain a record of the last intake time
5. Can operate for more than a month on a single charge
You may find detailed instructions here:

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