SMD Reflow Soldering Up-Close (featuring a clothes iron cameo!)

We are going to take a look at a great up-close view of some SMD reflow soldering. SMD stands for surface mount device. Imagine all the through hole components you are familiar with but at a much tinier scale. Some of them have leads and some have none at all due to their minuscule package size.

Let’s take a look at the video below demonstrating reflow soldering and while this process that tends to happen more on an industrial scale, you can also take this on as a hobbyist in a variety of ways:

(source: Imgur)

Did you see the clothes iron that was used for the soldering reflow? Pretty neat huh? Did you know that you can also use a toaster oven or even a skillet? So one day it is eggs and toast and the next day your PCB Prototype 😉

If you are curious about SMD soldering reflow techniques and SMD soldering in general, be sure to check out Oyvind’s tutorials below:

SMD Soldering

Reflow Soldering Made Easy

There are lots of ways to get SMD reflow soldering done whether it is at your local maker space or in the home. While the small components may be a little intimidating, with a little practice, you too can do tiny! Have you ever done SMD soldering at home or do you have any tips and tricks you would like to share? If so we’d love to hear them in the comments below.

Have fun everyone 😃

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