The Pizza-Making Robot ​

If you asked me to pick a favorite between robotics and pizza, I honestly couldn’t. But here’s the ideal combination: a pizza-making robot! Isn’t that impressive?

There is a restaurant in Paris, where your pizza chef is a robot, called Pazzi. Guests place their order on their online app before it is delivered to Pazzi, which is driven by artificial intelligence created by 30 specialists, engineers, and developers. This allows the Pazzi to flatten the fresh dough, apply the sauce, arrange the contents, cook the pie, and cut it. 

Pazzi may also personalize the precise quantity of ingredients wanted, and then identify and fix flaws as needed to ensure optimal preparation. It can bake up to 6 pizzas at a time for a total of 5 minutes each and can make one every 45 seconds, so there are no waiting lines for sure. 

What do you think of it? 

For more details, you can watch a video

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