A Tiny Satellite

In honor of our recent course release “Shrinking Your Arduino Project ATtiny85” we thought it would be fun to share another tiny (or should I say ATtiny?) project for inspiration: The Tiny Cube Satellite by Mohit Bhoite.

This is a free form circuit sculpture design by Mohit Bhoite. The sculpture is an ATtiny45 based solar powered satellite circuit sculpture.

Source: @mohitbhoite

In addition to Mohit’s Instagram post on the sculpture, be sure to check out the wonderful photos of the build that can be found on Mohit’s website. The circuit details, schematic and the code for this project can also be found there, too: https://www.bhoite.com/sculptures/tiny-cube-sat/ .

Mohit is a hardware engineer and a self-described maker who uses their free time building “free-formed electronic circuit sculptures” . Be sure to check out the rest of Mohit’s circuit sculptures as well: https://www.bhoite.com/sculptures/

Do you have any questions or comments about Mohit’s ATtiny Satellite? We’d love to here from you in the comments below. Have fun everyone!

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