Binary to Decimal Watch

Watches are pretty cool devices for me; I’m not sure if you like analog or LDC watches, but I have something completely different for you now, and I know you’ll like it. Binary to Decimal watch, made by yourself, hmm, sounds good? The design is very cool, check it out.

Let’s find out how you can use it! It utilizes our favorite microcontroller, the Attiny85. Evidently, there is a button on the watch. If you press the button, hours and minutes will be displayed. The red LED will light up when it shows hours, and the yellow LED will light up when it shows minutes.

When you press and hold the button, it will enter setting mode. First, the hour LED will blink to indicate that you are in the hour setting mode. When you long-press it again, the minute setting mode will be activated. This allows you to set the correct time.

There are a lot of LEDs here, and our Attiny85 doesn’t have a lot of pins, so they added a 74HC595 shift register in order to have more pins. 
For charging, it uses a TP4056, which we introduced in our course How To Power Your Project With Solar. The KiCad files you can find here, with a detailed explanation about the watch. 

What time is presented in the video above?

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