Raspberry Pi Backpack Is Ready for Hiking

Davide Marchetti has packed the Raspberry Pi and a few more peripherals inside a backpack to create a traveling platform, isn’t that cool?

It contains a variety of interesting gadgets, ranging from a sound system to a HackRF antenna, so he is prepared for any fun or serious situations that may arise while he is out and about.

Marchetti did not simply dump the components into a bag, zip it shut, and declare the task complete. This rig consists of a custom-made frame designed to attach all components properly, securing them while in transit and making them easy to access when necessary.

If you are interested in the components, he provided a list of all the needed components. The brain of the project is a Raspberry Pi 4.

In addition to the Raspberry Pi, it also includes one HDD and one SSD external storage device. It consists of a Linksys WRT1900ACS router, a Wi-Fi adapter, a GL.iNet OpenWrt router, and a HackRF device with an antenna supporting frequencies between 1 MHz and 3 GHz. It also has a Thunderbolt 4 docking station and a Thunderbolt NVMe. This device relies on a 250Wh battery for mobility.

Make sure to visit Marchetti Instagram profile to check for more information about the project.

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